Understanding College Coaches Communication




Today, I just want to touch on another issue I believe will help student-athletes throughout their recruiting process. Student athletes should never play the name game and dismiss a school because it’s too small or haven’t heard of it, there are many key components that goes into finding the right college/university. There are excellent opportunities available on all division levels. Even if a school is not for you, speak to a coach, get the experience of talking with different coaches to have a feel of what it’s like and you’ll come across a pattern of questions to ask & look out for. Also, coaches talk to each other so make sure that you’re polite and respectable, because words have a way of getting around very quickly. And you certainly would not want anything to hinder you chances of landing an athletic scholarship.




Freshmen Student-Athletes:


Many of you may start receiving college information such as; camp invitations, admissions information, surveys, etc. from Division I and II coaches as early as your freshman year. If you don’t, it is too early to worry, it just means you’re not one of the elite athletes at the moment to get real attention this early in your career. With that being said, spend time working on your game during the off-season, get involve with a (quality) summer club or travel organization to increase your chances of gaining interest from an institution. As stated above, if you did receive any type of college communication, make sure to reply. Giving coaches feedback shows that you’re actively involved in the recruiting process, which is how you end up on coaches’ recruiting lists. Remember to reply to every coach/school, even reach out to Division III and NAIA coaches. These divisions do not have the same rules as Division I and II coaches and may talk with athletes at anytime during your academic years. In closing, even if you do not plan to attend a Division III or NAIA school, reaching out to these institutions can only improve your chances of landing a scholarship or finding a great school you wouldn’t have known about before.




As I continue my journey of reaching the NBA, my mission is assisting athletes throughout their high school years to help on their journey of reaching the collegiate level. The recruiting process is an active process; make sure to stay up-to-date so you’re not left behind. Tomorrow I will continue with College Coaches Communication for high school sophomores. 




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