Cont. Understanding College Coaches Communication


Today’s blog I would like to continue on my previous post of understanding college coaches’ communication. The previous blog consisted of coaches communication for freshmen student-athletes to look out and be aware of. Today, I want to pick up on similar communication that deals with sophomore student athletes. Just a reminder from my previous post; never play the name game and dismiss a school because it’s small or haven’t heard of it . Always respond to information you receive from a coach or institution. Finally, be polite and respectful when talking to coaches at all times because words travel fast.

Sophomore Student-Athletes:
If you have been replying to information sent to you by a coach or institution, you may now be on schools recruiting list. If you have not been replying to coaches or institutions, you need to start. If you don’t reply, coaches will think you’re not interested, which is the last sign you want to give a coach this early in the recruiting process. Remember, the more schools you respond to, the more your stock and value goes up which will only draw interest of more schools. Encourage coaches to contact you by phone or mail, this will give both parties the chance to feel each other out and learn about each other’s personality. When picking a school you want to feel comfortable communicating with your coach, developing a healthy relationship will serve you well not only at your chosen institution but post college years. If you plan to continue your athletics following college, coaches and teams will eventually reach out to your previous coaches to see what type of player/person you were at their college institution.
Keep a log of all communication you receive from college coaches and schools, note what type of communication you received from them and any other important details of your communication. Keep this log updated, follow up with coaches and schools that you haven’t heard from in a while. This will help you determine your current level of recruiting and will be extremely valuable throughout your recruiting process. Since Division III and NAIA coaches are not restricted by the same rules as other divisions. You can start setting up unofficial visits with these institutions, whether you’re ultimately targeting these division levels or not. Taking these visits will help you understand the things that are important to you in a school, program, and a campus. As of now, your focus should be on developing your game during the off-season, participating with a respectable aau or summer/travel organization, and reaching out to coaches. Lastly, remember to collect as much film as possible to keep your video footage up-to-date.
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