Your High School Coach’s Role


As a prospective student athlete aspiring to play on the collegiate level, one of the problems that many high school athletes face is understanding their coach’s role. Your coach is responsible for taking care of the development on the court or field, but getting an athletic scholarship is ultimately YOUR responsibility. Your athletic ability is what earns you a scholarship, but the recruiting process requires a lot of work off the playing field that your high school or club coach in many cases can’t dedicate the time to. It’s easy for coaches to “help” standout athletes reach the collegiate level because many times those athletes are already on coaches’ radars. The best coaches should not only focus on their athletes receiving a scholarship but also ensure that they have met the academic requirements and qualifications by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

In order to avoid the headaches and frustrations that families experience from placing unrealistic expectations on your high school coach, it is critical to gain clarity on which aspects each party is responsible for. Every high school coach plays a critical role in the recruiting process, even if they lack experience guiding student athletes through it. To better your chances of reaching a college level you must put in the individual work during your off-season. Get involved in a club/aau/travel program, get copies of your game film, create an attractive highlight video & consult with a third party that has experience of the recruiting process.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that communication about the recruiting process between the student athlete and the high school coach is essential. Arranging a meeting with your coach is a great initial step towards opening the lines of communication which will continue throughout the student athlete’s entire career. As long as everyone involved, is on the same page regarding who is responsible for which recruiting requirements, everyone will be comfortable with what needs to get done and make for a more enjoyable experience. Finally, it is not your coach’s responsibility to find you an athletic scholarship, it’s yours. Take the first step.


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