Utilizing Your Resources


I would like to give the high-school athletes and others whom may find this information useful, a personal experience and lesson I’ve learned being a collegiate athlete. You should develop good relationships with your trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, assistant coaches, advisors, instructors, of course alongside of your head coach. Not only should you just develop those relationships but utilize their resources as well. In college will be some of you guys closest times, some will follow the same career path, while many others will go their separate ways. What I later found out was that the necessary things needed to succeed on the professional level, was right around me and available on the college level as well. You should take advantage of your staff, utilize your trainers for development, stay well conditioned, get your high-school coaches reaching out to college scouts, recruiters, college coaches, schools he may have good connections with.

Your trainers & strength coaches has direct contact and communication with your head coach, what you do on the high school level will get out to college recruiters and institutions. Take advantage of your advisors, ask about placement for summer internships for chosen profession, gain working experience that is needed and most of the time requested by employers while your still in college. Look into job opportunities that you would probably consider if you weren’t playing sports. Use sports as a marketing tool to get where you want to go, in the end that’s what your being used to do. Coaches are looking for players that are going to be an asset to their program and institution. That’s why it is important to handle yourself accordingly on and off the court, you don’t just represent your self once you commit or sign to a university. Now you represent you, your family, your school, and their brand; and when your actions affect the team or institution on or off the court in a negative or positive way, it is a reflection of their brand. Be on your best performance; handle yourself as a professional, meet as many people as you can, get involved in organizations, plan for the future. You don’t have to wait to be great, be ready and prepared now. Use the people around you and they will help get you where you need to be.  To Dream, To Do, To Trust!

1 Dream,

Live It

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